Understanding Tinea Cruris Disease – Tinea cruris, or commonly called jock itch, is a fungal infection that attacks the skin around the genitals, anus, and buttocks.

The risk of developing tinea cruris will be higher if you are male, obese, using strict underwear and not washed after use, and often excessive sweating. Likewise, if you have impaired immune system and skin diseases.

To avoid this disease, keeping the crotch area dry is very important. Therefore, do not forget to wipe the crotch area with a towel after bathing or exercising.

Use underwear that is clean and not too tight. Also, avoid exchanging personal tools such as underwear or towels.


Diagnosis of Tinea Cruris Disease

The diagnosis of tinea cruris can be made by physical examination. The doctor will see a rash directly on your skin. In some cases, the doctor will take a sample of skin tissue for examination.

Symptoms  of Illness Tinea Cruris

The signs and symptoms of tinea cruris can be:

  • Redness in the affected area
  • Itching in the affected area
  • Burning sensation in the affected area
  • The affected skin will be flaky and scaly
  • The rash will worsen after exercise or other activities
  • Skin color change

Treatment of Disease Tinea Cruris

You can overcome tinea cruris with an antifungal topical. This medicine is used morning and evening for approximately 2-4 weeks. Apply medication up to 3 cm beyond the rash limit. It should be continued for 2 weeks after the rash is healed.

If topical medication does not reduce symptoms, you can try drinking medicine.

However, avoid using any medication without a doctor’s recommendation. This is so that your yeast infections do not gain weight.

tineacruris treatment

Cause of Disease Nose Tinea Cruris

Tinea cruris is caused by fungi, especially Trichophyton rubrum and Epidermophyton floccosum. This fungus has a unique ability, which can attack the hair, skin, and nails, and very easy to spread on the skin.

Also, tinea cruris can also be triggered by the following factors:

  • Temperature and humidity

The amount of sweat that is in the invisible areas, such as the groin and between the fingers, allows the disease of this fungus.

  • Lack of cleanliness

Not caring about the cleanliness of the house and surrounding environment means inviting mushrooms to perch.

  • Clothing material

Clothing made from nylon can facilitate the emergence of fungus because it is more difficult to absorb sweat.

Prevention of Disease Tinea Cruris

Although tinea cruris disease is not a dangerous disease it is better if we do not have it, then some things can reduce the risk for this tinea cruris disease.

  1. Respond to other skin diseases – Because other skin diseases can trigger this disease, then when you know of a skin disease you should immediately treat it so that no tinea cruris disease.
  2. Do not wear thick clothes for too long – Due to thick clothes can trigger a humid area to develop a mushroom then it is better if in the use of thick clothing is done in a short time especially when in hot weather conditions.
  3. Take a bath after excessive sweating – Excessive sweating can also trigger a damp area to develop a mushroom then if your excessive sweating especially when you finish exercising you should immediately take a bath to cleanse your body. The most important thing is you must diligently bathe at least 2 times a day so that your body is always fresh and clean.
  4. Using personal possessions – The use of goods secret bulk or simultaneously can trigger the spread of disease let alone skin disease transmission then it is better to use personal equipment alone.
  5. Using loose clothing – Due to the use of tight clothing especially tight underwear can cause a moist area where the moist area is a breeding ground of the fungus, so you better use loose clothing to launch air circulation especially if in a solid activity.
  6. Drying the body after bathing – This body drying aims to avoid any moist areas in the body so that if you are after a bath, you should dry your body with a clean towel and ascertained in a condition that is completely dry.
  7. Avoid using dirty clothes – The use of dirty clothes or sweat clothing is very dangerous to susceptible to skin diseases such as tinea cruris, so to prevent it you must be diligent to change clothes and diligent to wash clothes.
  8. Always maintain the hygiene of the groin – Because tinea cruris disease often occurs in parts than more intensive care in the area. Make sure in this area must be clean and dry cleaning, of course, this is done to avoid from tinea cruris disease.
  9. Minimize the use of public bathrooms – To avoid the occurrence of a disease, especially a tinea cruris you should minimize the use of public rooms because it could be in public bathrooms are also used by people with this tinea cruris.

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