The Benefits of Fiber for Your Skin Beauty

The Benefits of Fiber for Your Skin Beauty

WWW.FROMPAIN.COM – Various face-wash, toner, serum, and cream soaps are used every day with the intention of obtaining complete skin beauty. But did you know that this alone is not enough? In fact, the skin needs care from the outside and inside. From the outside, you can use cosmetics that match the skin condition. While the treatment from the inside, you need to reduce the consumption of coconut milk and increase fiber consumption.


Why Fiber?

Consumption of fiber in sufficient quantities, every day, and regularly can nourish your gastrointestinal tract. If the digestion is healthy, defecate becomes more fluent, and you will avoid constipation or constipation.

As is known, defecation is a mechanism of removal of useless substances from the body. So, if you defecate fluently every day, the body will be more awake health. Also, healthy digestion is also associated with a good and strong immune system. With this, you will appear fresher and fit and avoid various diseases.

Not only get there, but a healthy diet high in fiber can also reduce the severity of acne, and help the healing process. Furthermore, fiber is also able to make your skin look healthier, brighter, and not dull.

How many?

For women who want to get beautiful and healthy skin, routinely consume fiber at least 25 grams in a day. Some examples of fiber sources that can be selected, including:

  • One apple contains about 4.4 grams of fiber.
  • A bowl of broccoli contains about 5.1 grams of fiber.
  • In 100 gram edamame contain 5 grams of fiber.
  • One pear contains about 5.5 grams of fiber.
  • Wheat bread. Each sheet of whole wheat bread contains about 2 grams of fiber.

Fiber can indeed support the beauty of your skin. But remember, these nutrients can only be useful when combined with the application of a healthy lifestyle, adequate rest, and exercise regularly and regularly.