Understanding Scabies Disease – Scabies disease is caused by the arrival of an eight-legged mite (Sarcoptes scabiei) that is transmitted by physical contact with an individual who has already suffered from scabies. This disease can be transmitted directly from one individual to another, but can also be transmitted indirectly through intermediaries.

According to a classification issued by WHO (World Health Organization), scabies is classified as a water-related disease. The cause of this disease is the arrival of an eight-legged mite (Sarcoptes scabiei) that is transmitted by physical contact with an individual who has suffered first. This disease can be transmitted directly from one individual to another, but can also be transmitted indirectly through intermediaries.
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This little eight-legged mite is capable of making tunnels on the patient’s skin and causing itching. The time it takes for these mites to cause symptoms is 4-6 weeks. The reaction is the itching caused by the ingredients released by these mites on the human skin. The presence of an ‘asymptomatic’ period will be exploited by this parasite to make itself immune to your body’s immune system. Once immune, they will lay eggs on the tunnels they have made until the symptoms of scabies develop.

Indeed, scabies can attack anyone without exception. People susceptible to this disease, among others, are mothers who have small children, adults who are sexually active, and residents of nursing homes and boarding schools.

Based on existing data, an estimated 300 million cases have occurred worldwide each year. The disease typically occurs in communal environments, such as prisons, long-term care facilities, hospitals and nursing homes. Children are also quite vulnerable to this disease, with statistics as much as 50% of cases occur in boys and as many as 16% of cases occur in girls.

Diagnosis of Scabies Disease

Diagnosis of scabies disease is quite easy because the signs and symptoms of the type on the skin can be seen directly visually. In addition to direct observation, the doctor will also ask some questions related to the disease that you suffered. Discuss in detail the complaints you experienced. After that, your doctor will also examine your skin from head to toe and take samples of your skin to diagnose properly and find mites. For this, the doctor may slightly erode your skin without causing pain, then examine the sample under a microscope for ticks and eggs to see. If you find lice and eggs from scabies mites, then you can be sure you suffer from this disease. Once confirmed, then you will be given appropriate treatment by a doctor.

Remember! Immediately consult your doctor if you have similar complaints so that correct, appropriate, and appropriate therapy can be given.

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Symptoms of Illness Scabies

After the mites attack the skin and begin to breed, it will appear several complaints from patients. In patients who have experienced this disease before, the itch will appear within 1 to 4 days. While in patients who first experience this disease, it will take about 2 – 6 weeks for skin reactions to mites. Here are the symptoms and signs that you will experience if you have scabies:

  1. Itching occurs at night in a skin area, due to the activity of higher mites at moist temperatures. Itching is the most common thing people complain about. The itching is usually strong enough so that the patient can not rest at night.
  2. There are scars on the skin. Scratching an itchy skin can cause skin injury, resulting in an infection that develops within the wound.
  3. This disease attacks a group of people. Not only you, but this disease can also infect and attack a group of people closest. Because the transmission of this disease can occur in direct contact (skin to skin) or indirectly (through towels, bed sheets, mattresses, and blankets).
  4. There is a kind of tunnel on the skin, which is where the mite lives.
  5. The presence of mites on your skin, caught by sight.

In addition to the above symptoms, you should also be wary of certain body parts that could be used by mites to hide. Here are the most preferred areas of mites:

  1. Hands: mites can usually hide and thrive on the sidelines of the fingers or around the nail
  2. Arms: Mites can hide or attack the wrist and elbow.
  3. The genital area (penis), the area around the nipple, and buttocks
  4. Leather covered with jewelry

Treatment of Disease Scabies

Treatment will be given by taking into account its effectiveness on all stages of the mite, its ability not to irritate and not toxic, odorless or dirty, and accessible and affordable. Medication to treat this disease can only be obtained by using a doctor’s prescription. Consult your condition with your doctor so that proper, correct, and appropriate treatment can be done.

Cause of Disease Scabies

The disease is caused by a small mite called Sarcoptes scabiei. These mites work by getting into your skin and multiplying. In its development, the lice will make your skin experience signs and symptoms of this disease.

When viewed from the spread, the disease includes infectious diseases by:

  1. Direct contact. For example: shake hands, sleep together, or have sex
  2. Indirect contact. Example: through clothes, towels, bed sheets, pillows, and others

Skin-to-skin contact is the most common mode of transmission in mites that cause this disease. However, in some cases, a person will not suffer from this disease just by shaking hands or hugging. Because it takes skin contact long enough so that mites can run from one person to another. Adults often get this disease from sexual contact that in fact takes a long time for the mites to walk.
A weak immune system in a person can also increase the risk of this disease. Not only that, the elderly and those who have a weak immune system are also more at risk for suffering from scabies. More disturbed, this disease can also spread without causing signs or symptoms so the patient will not be alert in the early events.

Who should be treated?

1. Anyone who suffers from this disease and those who have close contact with the sufferer.
2. People who have no signs or symptoms of this disease, but have close contact with the patient.
3. Anyone who has sexual contact with the patient.

Most people who suffer from this disease can recover with a drug applied to the skin. These drugs are generally applied to the skin, from the neck to the lower body. For children and infants, the doctor will give specific instructions to be followed by his or her parents. The types of treatment given for this disease vary, among others:

  • Permethrin 5%. This drug is a common remedy for this disease.
  • Sulfur deposits
  • Benzyl benzoic emulsion
  • Gamma benzene hexa chloride
  • Crotamiton 10%
  • Anti-itching drugs. This medicine is given to control the itch that you experience especially at night. Proper use of medication will make the itch become reduced.

The use of these drugs would require special instructions to be given by the doctor. Some drugs are used quite simply by rubbing them onto the skin. However, some other medications need to be rinsed in some time so that the effects obtained on the skin to be maximal.

Prevention of Disease Scabies

Prevention can be done by finding out about scabies, disease travel, transmission, and procedures of treatment. Keeping clean is one powerful way to avoid this disease. Also, washing your things regularly with boiling water can also help in killing the lice that are hiding somewhere.

That’s all scabies that you need to know. Maybe useful!