Understanding Lipoma Disease – Benign tumor of fat tissue or lipoma is a benign tumor that is under the skin of fat. Usually, benign tissue fatty tissue or lipoma is found in elderly (40-60 years). Nevertheless did not close the possibility can also be found in children.

Benign tumor of fat tissue or lipoma associated with fat. Therefore this disease can appear in any part of the body.

The most common type is a tumor that grows closer to the surface of the skin (superficial). Usually, a benign tumor of fat tissue or lipoma is located in the head, neck, shoulders, body, back, or arms. The other type of tumor is that which lies deeper than the skin. As in muscle, nerves, joints, or tendons.

Diagnosis of Lipoma Disease

Determination of benign tumor diagnosis of fat tissue or lipoma is done through a series of processes of medical interview and physical examination. Also, doctors will also directly examine and distinguish benign tumor fat tissue or lipoma with other causes of lumps.
Laboratory tests can be performed using tissue samples (biopsy). Another type of examination that may be performed by a doctor is ultrasound examination.

Imaging tests will be performed if the lumps appear unusual or not like the case of lipomas in general. Examinations that can be done is a CT scan and MRI. Through imaging tests, doctors can confirm if there is a possibility of malignant tumors.


Symptoms of Illness Lipoma

Symptoms of benign tumor of fat tissue or lipoma are the presence of lumps in some parts of the body. Some of the signs you can notice are:

  • The lump is usually soft when palpated and can be moved.
  • The lump is small, no more than three centimeters. But tumors can grow to six centimeters in size, but rarely more than that.
  • The lump does not hurt.
  • The lump is colorless.
  • Tumor growth is usually very slow and rarely develops malignant.

Treatment of Disease Lipoma

Basically, benign tumor fat tissue or lipoma does not require any action unless it develops malignant. Although rare, changes in lipoma become alarming if accompanied by pain and disrupt the movement.

Usually, a person undergoes surgery for aesthetic reasons. The surgery is a small operation, that is by cutting the skin above and remove benign tumor fat tissue or lipoma that exists.

To get the results of a more minimal operation can be done liposuction. Currently also began to develop techniques using ultrasound waves to destroy the existing fat.

But keep in mind that benign tumors of fat tissue or lipoma that cannot be lifted entirely. Thus there is still the possibility to develop again in the future.


Cause of Disease Lipoma

The cause of benign tumors of fatty tissue or lipoma to date is unknown. However, benign tumors of fatty tissue or lipomas are closely related to the history of patients with benign fatty tissue tumors in the family.

There is, however, a syndrome called multiple hereditary lipomatosis, a person who has more than one benign tumor of fat tissue or lipoma on her body. Obesity does not cause benign tumor of fat tissue or lipoma.

Prevention of Disease Lipoma

  1. Do sports regularly. The benefits of exercise will not prevent lipomas on a regular basis but can help the body in controlling weight, prevent high blood sugar levels and eliminate fat from the body. You can get other sports benefits like a healthier and healthier body.
  2. A healthy diet is also believed to help prevent lipoma even if there is a line of lipomas in the family. Eating a healthy diet for a balanced diet as per the body needs will help organs like the liver to burn fat.
  3. If you have excessive weight, then get used to doing sports and diet from now on. This lifestyle will form a healthier body and certainly avoid the lipoma.
  4. Avoid alcohol to get a healthier life. Bad habits such as consuming alcohol will increase the chances of developing lipoma. Alcohol will inhibit fat burning so that the risk of obesity is also greater.

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