WWW.FROMPAIN.COM – Good sleep recommendations range from 7-8 hours. However, it is sometimes difficult to fulfill the suggestion if there is much work to be done. Not to mention when the stress conditions make us difficult to sleep.

When you feel very tired when you wake up in the morning, followed by a headache, even to fall asleep during the day, there is a sign that something is wrong with your sleep routine.

Check out this article to find out tips and tricks to get enough sleep, and also soundly.

  1. Do not dine near bedtime

The process of digestion takes a short time, and of course, you do not want to lie down after eating immediately hastily. Sleeping right after eating can increase levels of stomach acid and trigger stomach ulcers.

food Sometimes it can also cause a burning sensation in the abdomen, chest, and throat. Give enough distance between dinner time and your bedtime.

  1. Warm bath before bed

At night, the body temperature decreases, and we begin to feel tired, sleepy, and lethargic. The cooler the body temperature, the less our self-motivation to perform important activities, such as breathing and pumping blood. Cooling the body is one of the natural body to indicate that we are ready to sleep.

However, cooling at night will be a nuisance if we are in a hot and humid environment, where the air tends to stay at room temperature or even hotter.

A warm bath before bed can help your body to lower its natural temperature and also relaxes the muscles of the body, to wake up in the morning to be fresher.

  1. Set room temperature

The ideal room temperature to get a good night’s sleep is 20-23 ° C. Biloa need you also can sleep without clothes.

  1. Do not play mobile or laptop in bed

Melatonin, the body’s natural hormone produced by the pituitary gland that helps you sleep, is only there at night. So, when you turn off the room lights and stop fiddling with the phone before going to bed, your brain and eyes will start sending signals to your pineal gland to start producing melatonin.

insomnia treatment

If you include people, who can not get away from your gadget, install an app that can reduce blue light waves on your device.

  1. Yoga or meditation before bed

Light exercise coupled with a breathing relaxation session for a moment 10-20 minutes before bedtime can help you to sleep more soundly but do not overdo it because your body will actually be more tired and can be distorted from sleep.

Yoga or meditation can be a powerful way out against insomnia, not only to calm the mind from the stress of work but also to prepare the body to sleep soundly.

  1. Create a simple night routine

Turn off the lights before 10 o’clock, drink warm tea before bed, or read a light book at bedtime. Whatever it is, familiarize yourself with a small routine at night aims to tell your brain that bedtime is near so the brain will start sending signals throughout the body to get ready for bed.

  1. Keep the clock away from you

If you can not sleep, or wake up at night and see the time that goes as if your ‘haunting,’ it will make you nervous and anxious, and the harder it is for you to start or go back to sleep.

  1. Prepare clothes and briefcases before going to bed

Deciding what clothes you will wear for the day can be a time-consuming task, not to mention taking a long time to set it up.

Not infrequently also, the office dress code becomes a burden of mind before bed. One-one, your office clothes just make you moody all day.

Save your time in the morning to be able to relax a little by preparing all your needs for the next day at night before bed, including lunch and your breakfast.

  1. Stop drinking coffee in the afternoon

To get quality sleep, stop consuming caffeine in any form (tea, coffee, energy drinks, soda, even chocolate candy) and alcohol at least eight hours before bedtime.


Let’s try these ways starting tonight. Hopefully, you can sleep more soundly and wake up tomorrow morning with a fit condition.