Erectile dysfunction

WWW.FROMPAN.COM – Erectile dysfunction is one of the main problems of men, especially those who are no longer single. The reason, this one sexual problem can destabilize your household. Especially if it turns out, there is a contention and other issues with the couple. Proverbial, had fallen, hit the stairs anyway. Surely you do not want this to continue, do you?

Relax, erectile dysfunction is not a problem that can not be handled, really! In fact, there are several natural and can you practice treating this one disease. What are these ways?
Let’s see the list of ways to solve the following full erectile dysfunction:

1. Maintain diet

To overcome your erectile dysfunction is to keep your diet healthy. You can start by reducing the consumption of junk food, as well as high cholesterol foods. The reason, high cholesterol levels in the body can disrupt the flow of blood, including those that lead to your penis. As a recommendation, start eating foods containing amino acids (L-arginine). This one content, through a study in 1999, has been shown to support erectile ability. Because the function of amino acids in the manufacture of nitric oxide is used to relax the blood vessels, so the erection can last longer.

Maintain diet

2. Exercising

This one routine should not be forgotten. Regular exercise every day can help you in overcoming some problems that cause erectile dysfunction, such as reducing stress and excess weight. Not only that, but exercise also helps in blood circulation to the penis, you know! You can also try to walk as far as 3.5 km per day, or routinely performs Kegel exercises or pelvic floor exercises.

3. Consumption of red ginseng

Overcome further erectile dysfunction with red ginseng. Of course, the name of red ginseng as a stamina enhancer is no stranger to you men. Before use, the ginseng plant should be allowed to grow for 5 years, then the roots are ready to be formulated. In a 2008 study, it was found that a dose of 600-1000 milligrams consumed 3 times a day was effective in treating erectile dysfunction. Great, is not it?


4. Consumption of watermelon juice

Relax, you do not read wrong, really! Watermelon juice is known to contain Citrulline, a powerful amino acid in increasing blood flow to your penis. Therefore, this one fruit juice is said to be effective to treat erectile dysfunction.

Watermelon Juice

5. Live a healthy lifestyle

Are you a smoker, or an alcoholic beverage? If so, then it’s time you left those two bad habits. The reason, too much consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking too often is one of two factors of erectile dysfunction.

6. Improve your mental condition

Last, to deal with erectile dysfunction, one of the causes of erectile dysfunction is depression and excessive anxiety, which in turn also causes insomnia. Therefore, if you feel a problem with your spouse, social life, or work, talk to the nearest person. Or consult a psychiatrist to relieve this situation.

Well, in addition to the six ways to overcome erectile dysfunction above, it could be erectile dysfunction you experience occurs because of the disease or other conditions in the body. In that case, consult your doctor about what treatment is best. Maybe useful!