how to eliminate belly fat

How to get rid of fat waist – For the beauty of women, fat at the waist and hips is something that is very disturbing. Not only disturbing appearance but it also sometimes makes you not confident and more careful in dressing. The result, many women who feel unable to express themselves and prefer to diet furiously to eliminate this disorder. Stop! Instead of going on an unhealthy diet, it would be better if you increase the frequency of exercising regularly. The following are the types of exercises and exercises that can help you effectively remove fatty loin:

  1. Squats
    How to remove the first waist fat is squats. This you can do easily and does not take much time. Not only help you in burning fat waist, but squats can also tighten your leg muscles, you know. This exercise you can start by standing in an upright position, then bend the knee, and lower your body position slowly. If you can do it right, repeat this movement many times from the beginning to several counts or minutes. To get maximum results, do it regularly, yes!
  1. Lunge
    The lunge is one type of exercise an effective body to remove fat waist, as well as tighten your thighs and hips. To do so, stretch one of your legs forward, 30cm from the other foot. Then, bend your knees, and follow these steps:
  • When positioning one of the legs in front, make sure your toes keep pointing forward. Then, bend your knees in front and lower your knee of the hind leg simultaneously slowly.
  • Lower both knees until your front thigh position is almost parallel to the floor.
  • Then, use your front leg thighs to support and lift the body back to the initial position. After that, change the position of your foot (which was in front to be behind, and vice versa), then repeat the same movement from the beginning.

    To get maximum results, do not forget to do it regularly.

  1. Walking distance
    It is rare to know that walking can be done as a way of removing your fat waist. For this, you can walk with regular tempo and movement every morning or afternoon. Do not forget to do a movement that raises the buttocks and hips while walking for maximum results.
  2. Push-ups
    A simple movement that you usually do when heating it can also help remove fat waist, you know. No need to bother, you just need to do as much push-up movement as possible for 1-2 minutes every day. You can do this in the morning, as well as in the afternoon.
  3. Jumping jacks
    A movement that is generally called Mosquito Repellent by the people of Indonesia can also be one way you remove fat waist. Do not forget, when going to jump motion, lift your heels as high. If done regularly, at least for 1 minute every day, you can get maximum results.
  4. Hip Raise
    Finally, how to remove hip fat with hip raise, aka hip exercise can also remove your fatty dishes. The trick is easy, you simply lay sideways on the floor (or mattress) with one leg on the other foot. Put your arm that coincides with the floor under your head. While the other hand placed on the hips. Then, while still holding the foot position straight, lift the foot that position above upwards. After that lower the leg back to the starting position, and move to the opposite position, then do the same movement with alternating sides repeatedly.