bromhidrosis cause Understanding Bromhidrosis – Bromhidrosis refers to a condition in which a person’s body odor is abnormal. This happens due to bacteria on the skin that break down the acid in sweat. Some studies suggest that sweat glands play a significant role in this condition.

Know Bromhidrosis

Indeed, bromhidrosis refers to conditions in which body odor is not normal. This happens due to bacteria on the skin that break down the acid in sweat. Some studies suggest that sweat glands play a significant role in this condition.

Keep in mind that under normal circumstances, sweat does not smell. However, if there are bacteria in the skin layer, then the sweat will be broken down into fatty acids and ammonia that produce odor and unpleasant odor. In fact, this situation may be affected by food consumption (e.g., garlic, curry, or spices), alcohol, overweight, or certain medical conditions (e.g., diabetes, liver disease, or kidney disease).

Well, this disease itself is a chronic phase of the above conditions; and can disrupt the quality of life of the sufferer. Also, this condition is also common in individuals who are past puberty. Some studies report that men are more likely to experience these abnormal body odor conditions than women. This may be because men tend to be more active in physical activity than women.


Diagnosis of Bromhidrosis

For patients with bromhidrosis, immediately consult your condition to the nearest doctor or hospital. Because although the disease is not life-threatening, this condition can still reduce the quality of life of the sufferer.
Remember! Report your complaints in detail, because then doctors can easily diagnose. Also, do not forget to consult the history of the disease, especially if you are proven to have suffered from liver disease, diabetes, and kidney.

Risk factors

Here are some factors that cause a person more at risk of suffering from this disease:

  • It comes from a family with a history of the same complaint.
  • Gender. Proven that men are more at risk than women.
  • Infected with Corynebacterium bacteria.
  • Suffering from metabolic disorders, such as amino acid disorders.
  • The habit of eating certain foods, such as garlic, spices, or curry.
  • Accustomed to drinking alcohol.


Symptoms of Bromhidrosis

Bromhidrosis is generally characterized by:

  • Sweat smells stinging, sharp, or musty.
  • Production of excessive perspiration.
  • Sweat generally interferes with routine or daily activities

bromhidrosis treatment

Handling of Bromhidrosis

To handle bromhidrosis, you should keep in mind the following key points:

  • Keep the number of natural skin bacteria in the body to a minimum. The trick is to use an anti-bacterial soap every time the bath.
  • Keep a large area of the body containing apocrine glands (armpits, groin, etc.) dry.
  • Keep yourself clean with a shower at least twice a day.


Cause of Bromhidrosis

As our body temperature rises, the body tries to cool itself through the evaporation process that we know with sweat. A true sweat consisting of water and salt will then come to the surface of the skin especially when we are stressed or in unfit mental stress. Well, if there are bacteria on the surface of the skin, then this agent will remodel the sweat into fatty acids and ammonia. The combination of these two compounds makes money smell strong, sharp, and unpleasant.

Prevention of Bromhidrosis

Bromhidrosis can be prevented by the following steps:

  • Regular hair shaves regularly to prevent bacterial buildup.
  • Use clothes made of cotton, wool, or silk because it can speed up the process of evaporation of sweat.
  • Use clean clothes and make sure that you always wash them every day.
  • Limit the consumption of foods that can make the sweat smell.

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