WWW.FromPain.COM – For women, the vagina is naturally a part of the body that needs special attention. Yes, one of the reasons is because the vagina is actually an organ that plays many important roles – especially the role associated with the process of reproduction. So, what happens if a sudden lump appeared in the vagina?

Find out 5 causes of the appearance of a lump in the vagina through the exposure below!

1. Unnatural genital hair growth

The cause of the appearance of the first vaginal lump is the growth of unnatural genital hair. Completely, the habit of shaving or waxing of genital hair may trigger the growth of the hairs inward. As a result, there is a lump in the vagina. Watch Out! If not immediately get handling, this lump can turn into inflammation containing pus, you know!

2. Vaginal cyst

Hearing the word cyst, maybe your mind will directly refer to the ‘more docile’ phase of cancer. Calm down, vaginal cysts are not dangerous, really! This condition itself occurs when the skin glands or sweat channels clog up to form a similar lump of acne. If you continue to grow, you are advised to consult a doctor. Remember! Never try to deflate the vaginal cyst alone, because this step can actually trigger other bacterial infections.

3. Molluscum contagiosum

Furthermore, the cause of the emergence of a lump in the vagina that you must know is molluscum contagiosum. In short, this medical condition is triggered by a viral infection that is transmitted through the habit of using personal items together (towel, pants, etc.). So, how to prevent it? Nothing else is to stop the habit of exchanging personal belongings mentioned earlier. Always remember that you will never know the history of other people’s diseases. Therefore, it is better to avoid any possibility than to regret later in the day.

molluscum contagiosum

4. Genital warts

Genital warts are caused by HPV infection (Human Papilloma Virus). The transmission itself can occur in various ways; however, most cases generally involve direct contact with the sex of a patient, or through a hand that has previously touched infected genitals.
What needs to be aware of genital warts is that the lump is usually small and painless. Impact, the patient is often not aware that he was suffering from genital warts until finally the lump enlarged and itched/burned.

Genital Warts

5. Bartholinitis

The cause of the appearance of the last vaginal lump is bartholinitis. It is rare to know that there is a pair of Bartholin glands in the vagina that serves to produce lubricating fluid. Well, if until this gland is blocked, it will arise medical complaints that we are familiar with the term ‘bartholinitis.’ Immediately consult your health to the doctor or hospital, because the cyst can enlarge and trigger feelings of discomfort.

That was the 5 causes of the emergence of a lump in the vagina that must be known and wary of women. Maybe useful!

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