WWW.FROMPAIN.COM – Rising stomach acid is a condition that often occurs suddenly. Late to eat, overweight, and pregnancy are some of the circumstances that make a person at high-risk experience it.

In the medical world, the rise of stomach acid is known as GERD (Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease). This condition can cause a burning sensation in the chest, nausea, feeling of vomiting, heartburn, and also a sour taste in the mouth.

Well, if you often feel the rise of stomach acid, here are some actions that can be done to prevent it:

1. Chewing gum

In addition to preventing bad breath, chewing gum can also prevent the rise of stomach acid. A study says, chewing gum can stimulate the rate of release of saliva so the acid that accumulates in the stomach will be ‘washed’ and clean faster.

2. Drinking water

A balanced pH level can help the gut work faster. To get this function, you need to consume enough water.

Water is much better than milk in preventing the potential for gastric acid. Also, water can also help the process of hydration and digestion process.


3. Body position after eating

It takes time for what you eat to stay inside the stomach, not to go back through the throat. Therefore, make it a habit of standing after eating, to keep control of the presence of food in the stomach and the amount of acid production of the stomach.

You are advised not to lie immediately, at least 2 or 3 hours after eating. This is related to the effects of gravity, which can help avoid increased risk of stomach acid.


4. Inhale deeply

As you breathe, the levels of incoming air can be controlled by breathing deeply. The reason, this air content can strengthen the muscles that are under the throat so it can reduce the risk of acid reflux.


5. Avoid this food

Chocolate, coffee, soda, alcohol, meat, dairy products, fatty and acidic foods should be avoided. This is because this type of intake can increase acid production in the stomach.


6. Consume protein foods and avoid fatty foods

High protein foods can increase the pressure of the lower esophageal sphincter in suppressing stomach acid, resulting in no reflux to the throat. Meanwhile, fatty foods work the other way around.


7. Change diet

Eating on schedule, with smaller portions is very effective in preventing the rise of stomach acid. This is because a messy food schedule and a portion of a meal that is too large can increase abdominal pressure, so the risk of increasing acid reflux. Also, avoid eating too fast and snacking habits before bedtime.


8. Lose weight

As mentioned, overweight is one of the risk factors of GERD. To avoid this, you will inevitably have to lose weight.


9. Avoid smoking

Nicotine can make the esophageal sphincter relax. This situation is very harmful because it can increase the risk of acid reflux.


10. Lifestyle modification

Applying a healthy lifestyle is the most effective way to prevent stomach acid rise. For that, you should eat healthy balanced nutrition, exercise at least 2 times a week with a duration of 15-30 minutes, rest, cigarettes, alcohol, and stress.

That’s 10 powerful ways to prevent the rise of stomach acid. If by the way above stomach acid is still often up to the throat, do not hesitate to visit the doctor immediately.